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Zakaria Ahmad, known as Wiki, was born in India in the state of Bihar. Over decades ago his family migrated to Canada and lived in the city of Cornwall, a small town 100 kilometers east of Ottawa. While in search of opportunities, his family decided to move to Ottawa in 1997 when Ahmad was 10 years old. Ahmad says “When my parents first came to Canada they didn’t have much, therefore, they worked very hard to make ends meet”. Ahmad's journey to success started in Vancouver where he was a student and had just enough money to purchase a few days’ food and a portion of his rent.

Ahmad was not the first to be among the country’s top 10. However, he is among one of the country's youngest entrepreneurs who converted his hard earned savings of $1100 to over $667,000 in just under 3 weeks.

Ahmad happily says “It wasn’t the lottery ticket that gave me this big payout and nor was it an overnight thing for me”. “The results were derived from making constant efforts” he says to the media . “My teacher’s and parent’s prayers played a big role with my journey

Ahmad has memorized the Holy Quran (Holy book in which the Muslims believe) at a very young age and has been a leading figure for various Communities for nearly a decade. Arabic is not Wiki's first or second language. “I’ve made the greatest accomplishment” Ahmad said. Ahmad is very fond of exploring new places and at the age of 17 has travelled throughout Canada except for Newfoundland. " I even made it to Alaska" he further adds.

Ahmad's future plans are to visit his native country, India, and a few African countries: Sudan, Chad, Eritrea, Ghana, and Kenya where he intends to open schools, and community centers to educate those less fortunate hoping in turn that they will help others.

“I was amazed after learning about your studies, travel and the effort required to attain your goals, from our local newspaper", said Norman McFarlane, former Mayor of Saint John, NEW BRUNSWICK.

Ahmad may not be the most qualified for his age but says “It's a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense”. He further adds, “Today education has become a message rather than an exercise, people are attaining degrees and diplomas without knowing what they want to achieve".

Some of Ahmad's titles are: Model, Hafiz, Motivational Speaker, Professional Advisor, Investor, and founder of A&A Sons Properties. Ahmad is a leading figure in the Capital region and has influenced and motivated the lives of many.

Considering how people spend most of their lives struggling frantically to become successful, Ahmad decided to author his book “Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” which has been designed to motivate and tailor the needs of those readers who have made their decision yet want to learn how to get the top. In doing so, he has chosen topics that, in his opinion, most affect a person’s life, in both good times and bad times. Also, the book will educate its readers to define what success means to them and learn how to deal with the many obstacles one will need to overcome in order to achieve success.